Brand Key

1. Root Strengths
A working knowledge of and love for the neighbourhoods in which we operate, bolstered by an established and outstanding reputation for operational integrity.

2. Competitive Environment
Major global and national franchises with large networks and resources.

3. Target
Buyers and sellers of primarily residential properties who are looking for a partner rather than an agent.

4. Insight
Hendra has evolved the archaic estate agency model through the application of a dynamic new mindset that challenges frustrating conventions and genuinely puts the clients first.

5. Benefits
Only at Hendra will you feel like you’re dealing with a partner rather than a salesman. No gimmicks, no sales tricks, just real people, real knowledge and real consideration.

6. Values, Beliefs and Personality

Honesty • Integrity • Service • Care

We believe in making the daunting process of buying or selling property smooth and painless, with clients that feel guided and protected. We believe in building lasting relationships based on trust and transparency. Our personality is youthful, current, willing, respectful and professional.

7. Reasons to Believe
An established reputation that has built long-lasting relationships, now refreshed by a new generation’s contemporary mindset and enthusiasm.

8. Discriminator
Hendra can offer you everything the big franchises can and more, but with a genuine desire to make dreams come true rather than simply selling bricks and mortar.

9. Essence
Small agency, big heart.