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Here at Hendra Estates we have intimate knowledge on the neighbourhoods we sell and rent. Here
are our top 5 tips when looking for the right neighborhood when it comes to property;


#1 - Understand your budget
This might sound obvious, but given the excitement levels of buying a new house, you might go off the
track. Once you know how much you can spend, decide on the type of investment you want to make. Will
this home be long or short term? Are you willing to generate income from it by renting it out? Answering
these questions will certainly narrow down the search for the best property to suit your budget.


#2 - Study local pricing
Working with a real estate agency gives you many advantages, one being that they will be able to provide
you with local sets of data that consist of the pricing of properties in the area.


#3 - Search by proximity
If you can't afford your dream home in your dream neighborhood, then don't give up just yet. Consult
with your real estate agent and study home prices in neighboring areas that have similar things to those you
are looking for.


#4 - Check for existing neighbourhood amenities
People also want easy access to greenery like neighborhood parks or a waterfront they can simply
walk to, a strong sense of community is also very important to feel comfortable and safe in your area.


#5 - Don't let statistics fool you
It is natural for you to safeguard yourself against these external forces, but don't let the numbers fool
you, statistics aren't always accurate, and they certainly aren't the be-all and end-al

Author: Wayne Hendra

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