5 Tips for First Time Sellers

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Sometimes we aren't always in control when deciding where we would like to live. These changes could be work related factors or personal factors that are unexpected and cause uncertainty.

Selling your home can be difficult especially for first time sellers, here are our tips for homeowners selling for the first time;

  1. Price your home accurately. The best way to do this is by contacting a professional. Avoid under or over evaluation by contact an experienced real estate agent.

  1. Ask about your agents commission. Contact you local estate agent and ask their standard commission, make sure it works for you! Hendra's standard commission is ___.

  1. Choose the best day for listing. Many factors contribute to making some days better than others such as, your local community, weather, time of year and the state of the real estate market. Make sure you put it out there at the right time so that people remember it!

  1. Home staging boosts appeal. A lot of homes show better with the furniture is removed and an agent can indicate what should stay and what should go.

  1. Be flexible with home showings. It might feel intrusive, but the best way to show your home is by leaving the buyer to view your home on their own.

Are you a first-time seller? Contact Hendra Estates today and let us guide you along your journey.

Author: Wayne Hendra

Submitted 10 Jun 19 / Views 548