5 Things you Think Will Increase Your Home Value - But Won't!

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5 Things you Think Will Increase Your Home Value - But Won't!

When deciding to sell your home, avoid jumping to renovations and restoration, don't install a jacuzzi or build a pool if you have never had one. Repairs are a good idea but stay away from extravagant renovations! Here are a few things that you think might increase the value of your home - but won't!

  1. Painting your home. It might boost appeal, but it won't necessarily boost the value of your home.
  2. Adding a swimming pool. While this is a lovely addition these cost to maintain which is what potential buyers will discuss before putting in their offer.
  3. Redoing the entire roof. Potential buyers might appreciate a newly installed roof, but they won't be willing to pay extra for it.
  4. Making dated décor changes. Décor trends change very fast so don't spend money on what is cool now. It might not be trendy in a year's time.
  5. Extensive professional landscaping. Landscaping will always be a personal preference and someone else might not want to maintain the Koi pond. They might decide to take it out altogether, leaving you with wasted money.

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Author: Wayne Hendra

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