4 Alternative Options When Your Home Won't Sell

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You are probably reading this because your house has been sitting on the market and you are struggling to sell! Fortunately, there may be a few options that you haven't tried yet, here's what we suggest;

  1. Postpone selling your home; This is a no-brainer, assuming you are not in a hurry to sell your home. It could just be that it is not a good time to sell and that the market conditions aren't great.

  1. Lower the price to under market value; It basically means that you are reducing the price of your house to a rock-bottom value that is attractive to most buyers. Sure - anything will sell for the right price, but you need to find out what the right price is. 

  1. Consider taking out a new mortgage; Firstly, make sure you can afford it. If you are pressurized to sell your house due to financial reasons, it would be a good idea to take out a new mortgage. 

  1. Rent out your home; We have found that some sellers are even making a profit because they push the rent up by a certain percentage. 

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Author: Wayne Hendra

Submitted 20 Aug 19 / Views 486